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About Us

Here at Comfy Chair, we strive to stand out from other chair businesses and sellers. We specialize in top-quality, pre-owned office chairs, and go above and beyond to ensure our pre-owned office chairs are as good as new! Established in 2020, we do what we do, and love what we do because we know our customers deserve nothing but the best experience when using any chair in their home or workplace. Our customers deserve a superior chair that promotes a healthy body, while also being easy and comfortable to use during their workday!

We sell products that are innovative and come with some of the most inspiring designs you’ll find in the industry. The best part of what we offer is that we always ensure our chairs work to the highest standard. We evaluate every product we plan on selling and assess how well it looks and functions, before it appears on the sales floor. Our goal is to confirm, without a doubt, that all of our pre-owned products are a great fit, and look and feel their absolute best!

Our Modern and Ergonomic Style

All of our pre-owned office chairs are modern and ergonomic. What does this mean exactly? It means while looking fabulous, and complimenting the appearance of your home office or workspace, our chairs are also ergonomic, meaning the chair naturally supports the human body. Have you experienced back, neck, or leg pain recently? Our chairs work alongside the body’s natural curves and positions, and provides a natural comfort. Our chairs promote upright sitting, with your feet able to be situated flat on the floor. This natural position helps to prevent slouching when you sit, and placing undue stress on your back. You will be able to sit with a good feeling that is not hard to manage as you get through your day.

Our top quality, pre-owned chairs will ensure your home and work environment remain healthy and positive. The problem with choosing the wrong chair, is that the wrong chair can actually cause back, neck and arm pain, especially if you are sitting for long hours during your workday. With the wrong chair, you’ll experience discomfort, as opposed to pain being alleviated or the chair providing a natural comfort. There’s no guarantee that a chair that features armrests, a headrest, and other adjustment features will be any better.  You could struggle to find a sitting position that is comfortable and fits your body well. Having an ergonomic chair that not only looks great, but also fits your body and supports a natural position is essential. Our chairs feature proper designs that are attractive to the eye and stand out, while supporting how well your body feels!

At Comfy Chair, our goal is to give you a quality sitting experience that provides ease and comfort, improves productivity, and promotes tranquility and peace in your environment. You’ll also love the stylish appearance that our chairs feature. Ask us about our charming and attractive pre-owned chairs we provide today. You’ll find something that will suit your personal and professional style and needs, and you’ll receive the quality experience you deserve!

Our Guarantee

Don't settle for a cheap, build-it-yourself chair, or any of those products from overpriced and marked up, high end stores. Get the best quality for a great price right here at Comfy Chair. The pre-owned chair you choose will be an important and worthy investment. It should be an investment that you should not have to worry about through your day-to-day trials and stresses. It should provide as much peace of mind as it does stability and comfort.

With a combination of style and comfort, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at Comfy Chair.  Our commitment to our quality products demonstrates our responsiveness to every customer’s needs. We offer only the best, and nothing less. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we take our job very seriously. At Comfy Chair, we believe in building long-term customer relationships, and we know those relationships start with a guaranteed, quality product, and outstanding customer service. Providing our customers with exactly what they are looking for, and deserve, is always our top priority. But, don’t take our word for it. Come on in and see! Visit us at our showroom in DFW area or online at!

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